Tea Pickwick

Drinking tea outside of the home is now commonplace, and is becoming ever more popular: a moment of rest to enjoy a natural product served in style.

We proudly present our range of tea concepts, carefully tailored to today’s demands. From mainstream to premium to exclusive. For every tea moment and every location.


Pickwick Slow Tea


8 exciting teas

Pickwick Slow Tea gives you a moment of rest in an often hectic life, to slow down… the name says it all. Celebrate the day. Your guests will enjoy the tea ritual as they watch the tea leaves slowly unfold in the extra long, transparant tea bag. For Pickwick Slow Tea we have selected only long tea leaves, so the flavour is released more slowly in the glass, giving a mild and full tea with a rich palette of aromas and flavours.


Pickwick leafs

titlePickwick leafs is tea that you serve with care.

A product with a pure character, where it’s all about the essence of tea drinking: the leaves.

First your guests select the tea of their choice. Then the packaging is opened by plucking the cut-out leaf of the individual pack. Once the transparent teabag is hung in the glass, you can watch the long, separate tea leaves releasing their rich flavour. We have selected only the finest long tea leaves for an intense, full taste experience.



Pickwick Single

altCountless flavours!

A wide range of tea blends in paper envelopes for high volume locations such as all-inclusive resorts. Or try our range of tea blends in fully sealed foil envelopes to ensure quality, hygiene and even greater freshness. Ideal for in-room solutions.



Pickwick tea 100 bags

altLet yourself be tempted!

We believe that tea is a very special drink. It fits well in all moments, whether you are relaxing at home, spending time with friends or taking time for yourself out of a busy day at work.



Ethical Tea Partnership

titleThe Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a not for profit membership organisation that works to improve tea sustainability, the lives of tea workers, and the environment in which tea is produced.