Branded extra's



Douwe Egberts 3x1


Douwe Egberts 3 in 1 instant coffee sticks are made from a blend of the finest beans. The sticks contain coffee, whitener and sugar. Freeze-Dried Instant coffee with cream and sugar in sticks. 


Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant coffee


Douwe Egberts Pure Gold is made from a blend of the finest quality beans. These beans have been roasted using Douwe Egberts expertise to give a medium and well balanced flavor suitable for drinking at any time of the day.

Individually wrapped, small portions are very convenient for any location. Boxes are designed the way that can be used as display units.



Douwe Egberts Instant Cacao Blue



Douwe Egberts Instant Chocolate, Fantasy Cacao, Blue, 100x22g





Douwe Egberts decaff sticks



Douwe Egberts instant decaffeinated coffee is a combination of the highest quality beans from which caffeine has been extracted carefully to get an average, well-balanced flavor suitable for drinking at any time of day. Dispenser with 200 pcs. x 1,5 c.




Douwe Egberts porcelain cups and saucers



Elegant and unique design, specially made for Douwe Egberts.





Douwe Egberts Paper cups


The high quality Douwe Egberts paper cups disegned to serve each possible need. The cups are made of very high quality material which provides better isolation (coffee stays hot longer), better grip, because more firm, more stable when empty, better quality impression.
Besides, the thicker polyethylene layer ensures that the paper stays dry longer, and decreases the risk of leakage. All these benefits substantially contribute to the consumer satisfaction and to the brand experience.


Douwe Egberts coffee cups' lid


Black lid with a good seal and a convenient hole for drinking on the go.




Douwe Egberts Sugar Sticks

Пакетчета захар Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts Sugar Sticks contain 500 x 4 grams of medium-fine granulated sugar, which dissolves easily.






Piazza D'Oro cups and saucers







Piazza D'Oro cookies