Coffee systems

Cafitesse guarantees delighted customers, a carefree coffee operation and a profitable business.
The Cafitesse concept of Douwe Egberts is the perfect coffee solution for small medium and large locations. The high quality coffee is prepared with maximum ease and speed, minimal labor time and maximum reliability. 

Cafitesse Excellence Compact




  • Very easy to clean and refill
  • ECO standby mode and “Protect”
  • Adjustable coffee strength and cup size
  • Wide range of aromatic coffees
  • Elegantly designed, compactmachine offering numerouspossibilities within a small space


    Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 700



    Plenty of choice in a modern machine. The Cafitesse 700 guarantees you the ultimate coffee experience.



    Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 400


    altMaking a cappucino is an art, making a hundred is a miracle which our specialty coffee brewer, the C-400, accomplishes easily. Cappucinos, espressos, and caffe lattes are quickly and easily made with the simple push of a button.


    The Cafitesse 400 series includes 6 dispenser types and is the ideal solution for locations requiring varieties (black coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate) and/or large volumes of freshly brewed coffee during peak hours. Cafitesse 400 holds two ingredients packs.  Popular examples include coffee-milk or coffee-chocolate.  




    Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 120


    altCafitesse 120 coffee dispenser offers the same compact design as the Cafitesse 110 coffee dispenser, with the added benefit of being able to produce a quality espresso coffee with the press of a button!

    C-110 brewer pours up to 840 cups per hour of one coffee blend and is the perfect choice for hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and any front-of-the-house locations where the demand for coffee varies throughout the day.




    Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 110




    Cafitesse 100 series
    The Cafitesse 100 series includes two dispenser types and is the perfect choice for locations where the demand of coffee varies throughout the day and where black coffee is heavily requested.  



    Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 50



    C-50 coffee system is perfect for those operations with lower volume coffee requirements. This new system combines a highly reliable, contemporary-style brewer and flavorful coffee. No filters or grounds are required. Just one push of a button immediately brews a fresh, delicious cup or pot of coffee anytime and  every time.